Our Products

Welcome to MEGAFORM Automotive Inc. We are an OEM company specializing in fabrication of tubular and wire products for the automotive and commercial industries. Our products are geared toward automotive seating, structural and fluid system components. In addition to tubular and wire products, MEGAFORM also manufactures sub-assemblies that involve our products and assembly processes such as welding, brazing, forming, leak testing...

MEGAFORM provides design, development and testing of new components and prototypes. This enables us to work closely with our customers in order to accommodate their special needs and ensure that a product meets their requirements.

Our tooling expertise and innovative tooling concepts such as flexible automation, programmable machines and quick change tooling enable us to provide low tooling costs with  minimal lead time. As technology is always evolving, we continue to improve through experience, research and development in  order to meet each and every customer's demands.   

Design & Development
Our Commitment is to continuously improve our Facilities and Management Systems and to adopt the latest developments in Technology and Automation. We will meet and comply with all customer and regulatory requirements.