About Us Tube & Wire products and related sub-assemblies
Our Products

Megaform Automotive Inc. is a privately owned company. We specialize in tubular and wire products and related assemblies for the automotive and commercial industries.

The Mission of Megaform Automotive Inc. is to be recognized as a World Wide provider  of specialized tube and wire products and related sub-assemblies for the automotive and commercial  industries.

Our Commitment is to continuously improve our Facilities and Management Systems and to adopt the latest developments in Technology and Automation. We will meet and comply with all customer and  regulatory requirements.

Our Philosophy is to use equipment that is safe and user friendly and to promote employee satisfaction in an efficient manufacturing environment.

Our Goal is customer satisfaction; customer feedback is evaluated in the continuous improvement  of our costs, products and services.

Megaform Automotive Inc. has established specific objectives that are regularly monitored for conformance and achievement through our Measurement, Analysis and Management Review process.


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